Gujarat University

UGC Sponsored Courses Feedback

1.2022-23_F_STC on Sustainable Development

2.2022-23_F_STC on Soft skill Development

3.2022-23_F_STC on Research Paper Writing

4.2022-23_F_STC on NEP

5.2022-23_F_STC on E content Development & moocs

6.2022-23_F_online RC Teacher Educator

7.2022-23_F_online RC Social Sciences

8.2022-23_F_online RC Physics

9.2022-23_F_online RC Modern Higher Education

10.2022-23_F_online RC Life science

11.2022-23_F_online RC Languages

12.2022-23_F_online RC ICT

13.2022-23_F_online RC English

14.2022-23_F_online RC Commerce and management

15.2022-23_F_online RC Chemistry

16.2022-23-12th Online Guru-Dakshta

17.2022-23-11th Online Guru-Dakshta

18.2022-23-10th Online Guru-Dakshta

19.2022-23-9th Online Guru-Dakshta

20.2021-22_F_2nd online winter school

21.2021-22_F_STC on E content Development & moocs

22.2021-22_F_STC on Yoga & Wellness

23.2021-22_F_STC on Digital media

24.2021-22_F_STC on Startup and Innovation

25.2021-22_F_STC on NEP

26.2021-22_F_STC on Indian Culture

27.2021-22_STC on Epidemic & Pandemic

28.2021-22_F_online RC Teacher Educator

29.2021-22_F_online RC Social sciences

30.2021-22_F_online RC Quality in higher edu.

31.2021-22_F_online RC physical Edu.

32.2021-22_F_online RC Law

33.2021-22_F_online RC Languages

34.2021-22_online RC ITGS

35.2021-22_online RC Comm & mgmt

36.2021-22_online RC Chemistry

37.2021-22-8th Online Guru-Dakshta

38.2021-22-7th Online Guru-Dakshta

39.2021-22-6th Online Guru-Dakshta

40.2021-22-5th Online Guru-Dakshata

41.2020-21_STC on Admin.staff of Uni.&colleges

42.2020-21_STC on Soft skill Development

43.2020-21_STC on Translation studies

44.2020-21_STC on Research Paper writing

45.2020-21_STC on Quality in Higher education

46.2020-21_Online Winter School

47.2020-21_Online Summer School

48.2020-21_Online RC Teacher Education

49.2020-21_Online RC Value Education

50.2020-21_Online RC Physics

51.2020-21_Online RC ICT

52.2020-21_Online RC Commerce & Mgmt

53.2020-21_Online RC Life science

54.2020-21_Online RC Chemistry

55.2020-21_Online RC Library science

56.2020-21_Online RC Languages

57.2020-21_Online RC Social Science

58.2020-21-4th Online Guru-Dakshta

59.2020-21-3rd Online Guru-Dakshta

60.2020-21-2nd Online Guru-Dakshta

61.2020-21-1st Online Guru-Dakshta

62.2019-20 STC on Research Paper Writing

63.2019-20 Short Term Course on Soft Skills

64.2019-20 Refresher Course in Languages

65.2019-20 Refresher Course in Value Education

66.2019-20 Refresher Course in Environment

67.2019-20 Refresher Course in Chemistry

68.2019-20 Refresher Course in Economics

69.2019-20 Refresher Course in E-Content Development

70.2019-20 96th Orientation Programme

71.2019-20 97th Orientation Programme