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Ramesh Raut


History is important for every nation. Therefore, the history of the nation will not be forgotten. On the other hand, the nations which are aware of history and behave like that have emerged as developed nations today. Similarly, the history of India is also glorious. Today we are enjoying freedom due to many sacrifices. The contribution of many freedom fighters is important for this. The contribution of some has been highlighted while others are yet to be recorded. The sacrifices of such great martyrs cannot be forgotten. The Indian freedom struggle has to be reminded again and again. But this memory has to be done in the form of reinvention. But for this first of all one has to acquire knowledge of military history. Justice has to be adopted on the basis of knowledge and thoughts. There has to be a combination of thought and action. The nation will become strong if the citizen starts following the footsteps of the right history. To make the nation strong, the need to realize the true history has arisen today. The contribution of many freedom fighters in the Indian freedom struggle has not yet reached the common people. Among them is Khajya Naik from the tribal community. “Along with the great men, the tribal revolutionaries were always in the forefront of the Indian freedom struggle”[1]. Many people sacrificed their lives but the history of tribal struggle and revolutionaries has never been revealed till now, it is a great tragedy of Indian history. “Khandesh province”[2] and “Satpura gave many great tribal fighters to the country”[3]. One of those names is Veer Bahadur “Khajya Naik” lost in the pages of history and forever neglected.Whenever one gets to hear the success stories of this warrior, one gets goosebumps. Khajya Naik was immortalized by the booty that was handed down under the nose of the British and his leadership in the freedom struggle of 1857.

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Nation, Freedom, Tribal, History, Freedom struggle.

Vol & Issue:

VOL.16, ISSUE No.1, March 2024