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Sumita Rathva, Uma Sharma


As in this era, every person is so distracted by a wide variety of things from this world, it is incredibly challenging for them to discover a way that leads them closer to realizing that God exists. This is an undeniable reality. One of the numerous things that will prevent him from achieving his objective is the fact that he does not have a long-term perspective. Someone who has gone before him must come to his aid, take him by the hand, and safely guide him through the intractable traps and pitfalls of worldly temptation and wants in order for him to reach his goal—the end of his suffering and the fulfillment of his quest. This is the only way for him to achieve his objective, which is the end of his suffering and the completion of his quest. This revelation is simply recognizing that oneself to be the one and only Self that does not change. A person is doomed to end up in a fool's paradise if they put on the second orange garment and start down the path of renunciation without first emptying the Augean stables of their mind through acts of selfless and disinterested service while immersed in the toil and moil of the world. This is the only way to purge the Augean stables of their mind. Therefore, in order to get ready for the impending great battle royal and ultimately emerge victorious, one must first and foremost practice Karma Yoga in a relentless and unceasing manner, acquiring all noble qualities such as cosmic love, persistence, nobility, and Brahmacharya. This is the only way to ensure one's success. As it was written by Indian saints who were both inspired and enlightened, the book that is now available, titled Practice of Karma Yoga, is an excellent and trustworthy guide to the aspirant's aim.


Panacea, Augean, Karma Yoga, Temptation, Purge, Mind. 

Vol & Issue:

VOL.15, ISSUE No.1, March 2023