Towards Excellence

(ISSN No. 0974-035X)
(An indexed refereed & peer-reviewed journal of higher education)

About the journal

Towards Excellence is an Indexed, Refereed & Peer Reviewed Journal of Higher Education. It is published by UGC-Malaviya Mission Teacher Training Centre of Gujarat University, Ahmedabad. UGC-MMTTC provides a platform for professional development opportunities to the academicians and administrators working in Higher Education in India. As UGC-MMTTC caters to the needs of all the academicians and administrators of the country without any restrictions of the subject, language and designation, the journal, Towards Excellence also provide the opportunity to all of them without any restrictions of the subject, language and designation. It provides a platform to scholarly research papers in all the subjects in any of the three languages English, Hindi or Gujarati. It is an open-access journal which focuses on methodological advances, innovations, and insights in qualitative or mixed methods studies. The journal was first launched in the year 2005. Blind referee system is followed for review of the contributions before publication. No correspondence can be entertained regarding editorial policy. Unpublished, original contributions can be submitted within the range of 1,500 words. The contributors are fully responsible for the content of their work and plagiarism. We accept your contributions through google link or our online submission system only.

Keywords to describe the journal:

Towards Excellence, interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, multilingual, full-text, scholarly, peer-reviewed, indexed, refereed, journal of Higher Education, UGC-MMTTC Gujarat University