Towards Excellence

(ISSN No. 0974-035X)
(An indexed refereed & peer-reviewed journal of higher education)

Aims and Scope

Towards Excellence publishes peer-reviewed, original research and review articles in an interactive, open-access format. It has a wide scope for scholarly research papers, research proposals, book reviews, policy papers, articles etc. Towards Excellence assesses the scientific and research methods of each article for the efficacy of articles exclusively based on the research. Towards Excellence encourages the discovery of the associations between papers, whether within or between the disciplines. All articles are expertly copyedited and typeset to guarantee quality.

The individuals who should submit to Towards Excellence include:

• Authors who need their articles to get free, broad, and worldwide dissemination on an incredible, exceptionally discoverable publishing stage.

• Authors who need their articles marked and showcased by a world-driving publisher.

• Authors who need or want their articles to be open access

It means to connect educational research journal and practical publications. It covers the full scope of qualitative research papers and innovation portrayals. The journal is devoted to publishing papers related to all the subjects of higher education in any of the three languages: English, Hindi or Gujarati. Other than these articles, any contributions regarding higher education in India and international that help to achieve the purpose are also included. Towards Excellence also publishes thematic special issues that focus on subjects of importance.